Error Checks

TypoScript Path



These checks perform basic validation routines like checking if a field is filled out or if a field value is a valid email address.


Array checks are useful when dealing with arrays of check boxes and similar cases.


These checks validate a captcha generated by an extension of you choice.


These checks allow you to ensure that a database record exists or doesn’t exist.

Date & Time

Using these error checks you can force the user to enter a valid date or time. You can even check for a valid date range.

File Upload

These are all available error checks dealing with file uploads. You can restrict allowed file types, set min and max uploadable files for one upload field and more.


If you want to perform error checks on numbers, e.g. if a field value is a valid integer, these checks are right for you.


These error checks allow various checks suitable for strings, f.e. checking if a string is at least 10 characters long or if a string contains a specific word.